Elo IntelliTouch® ZB touch-on-tube chassis CRTs are the right choice for your kiosk because they are durable, reliable, sealed, and deliver the ultimate in picture quality. Typical desktop monitor designs can change without notice every 12 to 18 months, creating havoc for the design and service of kiosks and other enclosed applications. Kiosk CRTs reduce or eliminate the need for redesign by providing a much longer model life than plastic case CRTs. At the same time, they provide the reliability and ruggedness required for operation in a public environment. Featuring the breakthrough Elo IntelliTouch ZB touch-on-tube technology and no overlay to break, your kiosk will have the best picture quality and vandal resistance possible on a touch CRT. A final benefit is the watertight sealed bezel that adapts the curvature of the CRT face to a flat cabinet front.

  • Unique IntelliTouch ZB touch-on-tube technology preserves 100% of the original brightness, picture quality, and color purity, with up to 80% less reflection than some overlays
  • Super sensitive, drift free and precise touch with no parallax from an overlay
  • Fixed outside dimensions-model life is longer than plastic-cased monitors (3D design files available)
  • Flexible mounting options on the side, the bottom and the back
  • Monitor bezel adapts curved CRT face to flat kiosk enclosure for simple integration
  • Bezel includes watertight 0.5 mm seal
  • Well-ventilated metal chassis keeps the CRT cooler, extending life
  • Multilingual on-screen display (OSD)
  • Built-in power, deflection and video test with diagnostic pin and LEDs
  • Worldwide agency approvals


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