The Challenge

Today's consumers are very likely to combine online and in-store visits when making a sizeable purchase. The practice of viewing a physical product in the store then buying it online at a discount-continues to place tremendous strain on brick-and-mortar retailers.

Elo 4202L at Mike's Furniture

The Power of Endless Aisle

Before deploying a touchscreen solution, Mike's Furniture, like many other funiture stores, relied on paper catalogues, which could sometimes be out-of-date, difficult to navigate and expensive to print. This doesn't meet the needs of today's omnishoppers, who on average spend 4% more, according to research from the Harvard Business Review.

Mike's Furniture

The Customer Wins with
Elo & Wondersign

Typically, customers back away from making 'big-ticket' purchases because of unavailable merchandise and the absence of a parter to provide a second opinion. The Wondersign endless aisle application addresses this issue, as it enables shoppers to send emails and text messages directly from the kiosk, with complete specs and high-resolution, zoom-able product photos.


"Retailers are struggling to compete against margin-slashing drop shippers. You have Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime, yet people still flock to movie theaters for that big-screen experience. Our endless aisle kiosk does the same by creating a visually-immersive experience that makes brick-and-mortar locations a destination again."

- Casper Fopp, EVP Business Development, Wondersign

A Quick Return on Investment

After completing pilot installations, retailers using Wondersign in-store report a staggering year-over-year sales lift of 300% to 800%.

Approximately 80% of customers that come through their doors interact with and use the display when browsing their inventory or making a purchasing decision.

800 chart

Our Solutions

Elo 4202L
4202L 42-Inch
Interactive Digital Signage
  • Thinner & Lighter
  • Professional Grade for High-Volume Public Use
  • Processing Power
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I-Series 22-inch
AiO Touchscreen
  • Slim, Compact and Affordable
  • Optional Cellular Connectivity
  • EloView Software for Simple Device Management