The COACh (Controller On A Chip) (Part # E996425, RoHS Compliant) is specifically designed for resistive touchscreen applications. A single-chip solution, the COACh is fully compatible with SmartSet protocol and all Elo touchscreen driver programs.

Other Features
  • Single-chip ASIC design for compact integration into circuitry via 68-pin PLCC socket
  • RS-232 bidirectional communication, handshaking support, and on-board diagnostics ensure fast, secure data transfer and easy troubleshooting
  • Communication can be configured for a wide range of baud rates
  • On-board calibration, coordinate scaling, and programmable output rates allow for application-specific performance tuning
  • User-configurable digital filtering
  • On-board one-shot or continuous timer
  • All settings storable in off-chip NVRAM
  • CMOS chip for low power consumption


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