EloView® Release notes

Device Version

  • 1.11.25 for Cloud portal
  • 1.11.10 for I-Series Android

These enhancements affect our I-Series devices and cloud portal. In order to apply these fixes, please update your device.

Below is a description of the I-Series and portal enhancements.

  • EVR-502 - On 22” I-Series we have done performance tune-up of the graphics driver, this will help in scroll experience and graphics rendering on the device.
  • EVR-454 - Can now select correct timezone based on GMT offset.
  • EVR-483 - Changes made to the portal account of offline devices will now be saved. Previously, changes to the portal account for offline devices were not saved.
  • EVR-439 - The group default section is now consistently updating to the device. Prior to this, the group defaults created within the portal were not always translating to the devices.
  • EVR-437 - MP4 and Slideshow improvements have been made to support portrait mode and files larger than 4096 mb. You will now be able to display high definition images in portrait mode.
  • EVR-423 - The locked down web experience has been enhanced for graphics and rendering improvement.
  • EVR-355 - Fixed a bug where the device would get stuck in a loop between login and control panel screen.
  • EVR-426 - When using the scroll bar, all devices are now visible. Previously some devices were invisible while using the scroll bar vs track pad.
  • EVR-418 - The Device is no longer returning to login screen upon reboot.
  • EVR-406 - Additional Help text enhancements have been added for Navigation Bar, Auto Play section, Interactive Overlay, and Android Home features. Hovering over the (?) will show a detailed tooltip.
  • EVR-395 - You now have the ability to hide stock applications when “Android Navigation Bar” is turned on.
  • EVR-398 - Clarified the messaging for the authorization process after manual registration. Users should now be aware that the request is pending for Elo to enable the account.

EloView Product Team