New features and speed enhancements make EloView faster, more scalable, and more powerful

Device Version

  • 1.7.85 for Cloud portal
  • 1.7.59 for I-Series Android
  • PayPoint

The EloView development team has been hard at work bringing in new features to EloView. We have just released a series of updates.

  • Groups and Search on Devices and Cloud Page.
  • Enhanced device capabilities with a host of new features including adding apps locally and snapping to portrait mode.
  • Elo PayPoint (Android) support added.
  • Ability to download web content locally to the device for faster browsing times.
  • Significant speed and reliability improvements.

Groups and Search
We have implemented basic grouping and the concept of “group default” content. You can also use the search function to filter the list of devices. In a future release, we plan to combine these features where you can filter using a set of criteria and create a group from it.

Enhanced Device Capabilities

Control panel on the I-Series device got an upgrade. Below are enhancements that were added.

  • Account information and serial number on control panel home.
  • “Apps” page added to access with a file browser, Elo Peripherals Test app, a web browser and Android Settings.
  • Autoplay from SD Card.

The cloud portal devices now support the below capabilities.

  • Device orientation can be changed from the portal to “portrait” or “landscape” mode from Device Settings page
  • Clicking on an app or a website takes you to a details page where you can view or delete the app
  • EloView can now handle a “wrapper app” – one main screen that can trigger several independent applications – to enable this contact Elo.
  • Control panel password can be edited from the Device Settings page.

EloView for PayPoint
EloView now supports the Elo PayPoint all-in-one cash register (Android version). POS software vendors and businesses can now deploy their POS applications and manage devices from the EloView portal.

Local Web Content
You can now select a “Local” mode when deploying a web page to your I-Series device in addition to the “Online” mode. In the local mode, you will be prompted to upload a ZIP file with all of your content and the name of the start page (e.g., index.html). All the content will be downloaded to the I-Series device at one time – making browsing faster. Additionally, you can add any links to your pages to external addresses – making this a flexible solution that can be fast as well as current.

Speed and Reliability Improvements
Over the past month, we have issued four incremental releases to EloView portal and device image and substantially increased the speed and reliability of the service. We hope you have noticed these improvements and look forward to hearing back form you any issues that come up.

EloView Product Team