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  • Orchestra Restaurant software - Management and POS software dedicated to the world of catering
  • Orchestra Point of Sale Software - Management and POS software for food and non-food retail businesses
  • Orchestra Hotel Software - Hotel and Resort Management Software
  • UCash * Business - Management software - Multi-site back office allowing data centralization, interfaced with Orchestra POS software
  • Izybi - Dashboards and advanced statistical analyzes for all your points of sale


Orchestra Software has been supplying management and POS software to its customers for more than 25 years. Orchestra v10 POS software is a high-performance, NF 525-certified solution perfectly suited to the needs of businesses including hotels, restaurants, takeaways, bars, bakeries, caterers, retailers and many more. Orchestra also offers the ideal solution for operating multiple points of sale, with data stored centrally using UCash for Business. That means you can manage different points of sale and access dashboards and statistical analyses for your business operations.

Applicable Products:
  • Open-frame touchscreen monitors
  • X-Series All-in-One touchscreen computers
  • E-Series All-in-One touchscreen computers
  • PayPoint All-in-One touchscreen computers
  • Touchscreen monitors