Technical Support

Video Problems – No Video
  • No video, poor video or erratic video:
  • — For Windows systems, you should check the screen resolution and refresh rate (to do this in a no-video situation, you will have to connect a working monitor to the system).
    • — Control Panel >> Display >>Settings tab
  • — The Screen Resolution is generally shown on the left side, center of the window. It can be changed by sliding the arrow left or right in the box.
  • — Compare the resolution with the supported resolutions in the monitor specifications (on this site, see Products, select by monitor size, select monitor model number, scroll down to Resolution specifications).
  • — Note that LCD monitors have an optimum screen resolution.
    • — They will not display a resolution higher than the specified resolution.
    • — They will display lower resolutions, but the video quality will be diminished.
  • Also, check the Refresh rate.
    • — Click the Advanced button on the Settings tab.
      • — Select the Monitor tab.
      • — The Screen refresh rate should be displayed at about the middle of he Window. Other refresh rates can be selected by clicking the arrow at the right of the drop-down box.
    • — Compare the refresh rate with the Hz part of the resolution specifications. Use the drop-down box under the Screen refresh rate to try other refresh rates.
  • If these settings do not correct the problem, and if power and cable connections are OK, then contact Elo technical support for further assistance.